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Sr.No. Name 

of the










 1  B.S.W.
Bachelor’s of Social Work
(Degree Course )
 H.S.C.Passed in
any discipline
Three Years  40
 2  M.S.W.
Master’s of Social Work
(P.G. Degree Course )
 Bachelor’s Degree
in any discipline
Two Years  60

B.S.W. Course

For B.S.W. degree candidates who have passed H.S.C.  (Higher Secondary Certificate) Examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education, Pune or its equivalent
Certificate will be eligible for admission. Admission will be based on the H.S.C. percentage. Merit list will follow reservation rules.

Since June 2010 North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon has introduced the Semester pattern for the B.S.W. Course. There are six semesters in the three year degree course with an 80:20 Pattern. According to the syllabus of the North Maharashtra University Jalgaon there shall be 30 written theory subjects including English subject of 50 Marks each.

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Heads of Passing :

The Following shall be separate heads of passing:

a) Written Theory Papers
b) Field Work
c) Research Dissertation
d) Viva – Voce

Failure in any one of the heads shall be considered as a failure at the BSW course.

Written Theory Papers

Semester wise examination for each theory paper of 40 marks will be conducted by the University at the end of each semester and 10 marks will be internal assessment by the college at the end of each semester. The students who have failed in any subject of the semester may appear for University Examination to be held in the next semester.

Field Work

Each student is required to complete 15 hours of field work during two days each week in the organization where she/he is placed for field work. Field work of each student will be supervised by the faculty supervisor. Field work will be evaluated internally by the college for 50 marks in each semester. Each student will be required to secure 50% marks to pass in field work in each semester. In case the student fails in field work, he/she shall have to repeat the same process in the subsequent academic semester.

Research Dissertation

BSW students are required to select an appropriate topic for their research dissertation in the Vth semester and complete the same in the VIth semester of the course. Research Dissertation will be submitted to the University at the end of the VIth semester with the signature of the Candidate, Research Guide and the Principal of the College. Research Dissertation will be evaluated for 50 Marks externally by the University and will require 50% for passing.


There shall be an internal Viva-Voce on field work activities of 10 Marks at the end of each semester. There shall be an external Viva-Voce on Research Dissertation for 50 Marks at the end of VIth Semester which will require 50% for passing.


M.S.W. Course

Graduate Candidates in any discipline of any university recognized by the UGC Shall be eligible to apply for the M.S.W. course. 50% of the sanctioned seats shall be reserved for BSW degree holders on the basis of merit for the admission to the M.S.W. P. G. Degree Course.

Merit List would be prepared based on Written Aptitude Test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

The MSW degree will be awarded to the student who completes a total of 4 semesters in minimum of two years, clearing examination held by the University for a Total of 24 papers in four semesters (Six papers per semester), Field work, Research Dissertation and other components as per semester structure.

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Heads of Passing

The following shall be separate heads of passing :

a) Written Theory Papers.
b) Field Work
c) Research Dissertation
d) Viva – Voce

Failure in any one of the heads shall be considered as a failure at the MSW course.

Written Theory Papers

The MSW course will be of 4 semesters. There shall be 6 theory papers in each semester of 100 marks each with 60:40 pattern of external and internal assessment. 60 Marks External + 40 Marks Internal Assessment on the basis of Seminar/Assignment, Attendance , Tests & General performance/Behavior.

Field Work

The field work for MSW course during 4 Semesters will include Orientation Visits, Concurrent Field Work, Rural Camp, Special Awareness Campaign, Study Tour and Block placements which are compulsory. Field work shall be of 100 marks for each Semester which will require 50% for passing. Failure in field work in any Semester shall be declared as failure and student shall have to repeat the entire semester including theory courses. Each student will be required to put in 15 hours of field work per week in the organization where he/she is placed for field work.

Research Dissertation

The MSW students admitted to semester III shall select a Research topic at the beginning of the III rd Semester for Research Dissertation in consultation with the concerned Research Guides. The Research Dissertation shall carry 100 Marks and shall be evaluated externally by the University. A candidate must obtain minimum 50% marks for passing in Research Dissertation.


There shall be a viva-voce examination at the end of MSW Semesters II and IV based on theory knowledge, research and field work practicum. The Viva-voce of 50 marks in the MSW Semester II will be conducted internally by the college The minimum marks required for passing the viva-voce are 50% for each viva-voce examination. In IV semester Viva-Voce of 50 Marks shall be conducted externally by the University which will be based on theory, Field Work, research, professional development, and other related areas of specialization.

Block Placement

Every MSW student shall complete his/her Block Field Work (placement) for a period of one month ( 30 days) after the fourth Semester examination. The result of the candidate will be handed over to the college by the University only after submission of a report on successful completion of Block Field Work to the University.