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Ramai Polibhaji Center

Ramai Polibhaji Center

Majority of the students in the College come from rural areas and 95 % of the students belong to socially and economically marginalized sections. Some of the students travel an average distance of around 80 kilometers from interior villages to get to the College. They spend two hours to travel one way. Among the various economic hardships faced by these students, one of the major problems faced by them is lack of proper and adequate food.

The College timings are from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm. Many of them have to go without an afternoon meal as they cannot afford to buy lunch. Due to poor nutrition, these students suffer from poor health. Intake of food is vital for proper performance. Chronic hunger can prevent students from making the most of a formal education, no matter how hard they try to ignore its effects. The sad truth is that hunger can have physical and psychological effects on young people that make learning substantially difficult.

Food is the fuel necessary to get through a normal day. Calories in food provide energy to carry out regular day-to-day activities. Without an adequate amount of this energy, students may lack the energy to pay attention to an entire day of classes. Children experiencing hunger are more likely to have problems with memory and concentration because they do not have the energy to carry out these functions

The total strength of the College is 278, of which 100 students come from extremely poor families. From this academic year, the College will initiate a mid day meal scheme under which we would provide chapattis and vegetable to these students at a nominal cost of five rupees.

Improved nutrition has the potential to positively influence students’ academic performance and behavior.

The College does not receive any funding for this activity. We are trying to raise resources from generous parents, individuals and organizations. We appeal to you to help us in our efforts to initiate this project, either in kind or in cash. Your contribution will not only help in providing nutrition to our students, but will also help in improving their educational standard.

You can send cheques or directly transfer your contributions in the name of

Ramai Poli Bhaji Cenre ,

Canara Bank, Morane Branch, Account No. 1561101019385, ISFC: CNRB0001561

For any other further information you may contact on: 9820436006