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About Library


We have a well – stocked library which is one of the main sources of knowledge for faculty and students.  The Library has a reading room with seating capacity of 30.

Our Collection

Total No. of Books  9246
No. of Journals/Periodicals/Magazines  29
No. of Newspapers  09
Newspaper Clippings  05 subjects
Bound Journals/Periodicals/Magazines  491
Journal Journals/Periodicals/Magazines Article Indexing
Unpublished Material (Theses)

The college has subscribed the N-LIST / INFLIBNET for providing additional teaching and learning material available online.

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Library Timings
  • Monday to Saturday: 8.00 am to 3.30 pm.
  • During Examination: 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.
  • Library will remain closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Library Membership
  • Membership is open to all the students, faculty, non-teaching staff and alumni of the college.
  • Alumni with a Deposit of Rs.500 and Reading charges of Rs. 300 annually. In this membership member can issue 1 book for 7 days.
Rules and Regulations
  • ID is essential for accessing the library
  • All visitors including students are requested to enter their name and sign the visitor’s book kept at the counter.
  • In case of loss of membership card, a duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs.10/-
  • No valuables and personal belongings to be carried in the library
  • Reference Books, Research Dissertations and Periodicals will not be issued, these can be referred to in the library
  • Two Books will to issued to each student for a duration of one week
  • If the books are not renewed or returned in time a fine of Rs. 2/- will be levied per day for each book
  • In case of loss of book, the library should be intimated immediately. The borrower shall have to replace the book or bear the cost of the book
  • Silence should be maintained in the library, no discussions to be done in the library
  • The use of mobile phone is not permitted in the library. If a student violates this the mobile will be confiscated.