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College Discipline Committee

Sr.No. Name Designation Contact No E-mail Id
1 Dr. Jalindar B. Adsule
Chairman 9820442889 jadsule@gmail.com
2 Dr. Dileep J. Ghongade Co-ordinator 9552608090 dileepghongade@gmail.com
3 Dr. Sudam G. Rathod Member 9175022216 sudam_rathod@rediffmail.com
4 Prof. Rajendra D. Baisane Member 9822314151 Baisanerajendra98@gmail.com
5 Dr. Pramod S. Bhumbe Member 9881716583 pramod_bhumbe@yahoo.com
6 Dr. Sanjiv S. Pagare Member 9422536080 Sanjivpagare25@gmail.com
7 Dr. Suvarna S. Barde Member 9049190951 suvarnasbarde@gmail.com

I) To solve students related problems, maintain a discipline in college campus and classrooms.

II) Create a healthy environment in college which can help to students give their hundred present in classroom, field work and extracurricular activities.

  • The discipline committee will ensure compliance of code of Discipline and Conduct for students for students and will suggest suitable action in case of its violation.
  • Our college is secured under the surveillance of CCTV cameras.
  • College provided identity cards to each students.
  • Uiform are compulsory.