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Women Cell

The Goals:

  • To sensitize gender equality and gender justice
  • To sensitize the students on women’s laws
  • To sensitize the students on various Gender issues
  • To enhance the problem solving skills of the Female students

The Context :

The Women Cell works for sensitize the students on various Gender issue. which are necessary in their daily life. Professional Social Work Education provides the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for work in society. However, some knowledge are required to survive in the society. The Cell works toward this and tries to ensure to help the student become a complete person. Additional inputs cover various areas including women empowerment, women’s low, Defense Mechanism , problems solving skills etc.

The Practice:

The capacity of the Cell is 50 students. Students from the UG and PG level. Every class 05 Girls and 05 Boys f are enrolled in the Cell. Admissions are open to all on a first cum first basis. Initially the Cell organizes an orientation programme to discuss the objectives and activities of the Cell.
The different programmes organized during the Five year include a One day workshop on Sexual Harassment , street play , “Karate Training”, preparing of curriculum vitae, one day seminar on Gender Sensitization, and need for reservation and workshop on womens low. Different resource persons and experts were invited to conduct these activities.
This Cell not only provides knowledge and attitude but it is a platform for students to express themselves, their concerns and build their capacities.

Woman Grievance Redressal Committee :

For gender equality & gender justice in all its intervention & practices Woman Grievance Redressal Committee was established under the Act No. 20 of 1990 of Govt. of India under the able surveillance of then principal Dr. Jalindar Adsule in 2016 in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar college of social work.
The Committee is responsible for looking into any complaints filed by students & staff about Woman Grievances at the college.

Women’s Grievance Redressal Committee [ 2016-17 to 2019-20]

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Pro. Pushpa Gavit Chairman
2 Dr.J.B.Adsule Principal
3 Prof Pritee Wahane Co-ordinator
4 Dr.Farida Khan Member
5 Mrs. Amrapali Surywanshi Member
6 Mrs. Rekha Upade Member
7 Pratibha Mora Student Representive
8 Asmita Wankhede Student Representive

Women Cell Report

Following Major Activities conducting during 2016-17 to 2019-20

2016-17 :

1] Programme On Gender Sensitization :

A program on Gender Sensitization was held in the College on 21st September 2016. All the students and staff members of the College attended this program. Dr.Arti Baride and Dr.Satish Nikam were resource persons for this programme.

2] Workshop on “The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act” :

A safe workplace is therefore a woman’s legal right. Indeed, the Constitutional doctrine of equality and personal liberty is contained in Articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Indian Constitution. Sexual harassment constitutes a gross violation of women's right to equality and dignity. It has its roots in patriarchy and its attendant perception that men are superior to women and that some forms of violence against women are acceptable. One of these is workplace sexual harassment.

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 was enacted to ensure safe working spaces for women and to build enabling work environments that respect women’s right to equality of status and opportunity. An effective implementation of the Act will contribute to the realization of their right to gender equality, life and liberty, equality in working conditions everywhere. The sense of security at the workplace will improve women’s participation in work, resulting in their economic empowerment and inclusive growth. College organised workshop on “The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redresser) Act”, on 27 Feb. 2017.

Resource person of this programme was Ad.Rasika Nikumbh and Inaugral person was Ad. Kundan Pawar Chairperson was Dr.Jalinder Adsule , Principal in Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Social Work. Ad.Rasika Nikumbh guided about The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redresser) Act, main provisions of this act with example. the following are to be considered as “sexual harassment” Any unwelcome act or ehaviour, namely : Physical contact and advances , A demand or request for sexual favours, Making sexually coloured remarks, etc. Anchoring was done by Vanshri Baisane and closing ceremony was done by shital baviskar. About 100 students attended the lecture and were benefitted from it.All teaching staff also attend this programme.

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Year 2017-18:

1) Workshop on Gender Sensitization :

A Workshop on Gender Sensitization was held in the College on 27 September 2017. Gender-based violence against women is both a human rights as well as a public health concern, associated with serious consequences for women’s health. Over the years, gender issues – including gender-based violence against women have been seen largely as ‘‘women’s issues’’ by women’s organizations, other developmental activists and governmental bodies. In India, traditional efforts to tackle gender-based violence against women have concentrated on empowering women to assert themselves and prevent violence.

Mr. Amol Kale, Men against Violence and Abuse (MAVA), Mumbai was a Resource Person of this workshop. The group’s formation of a non-profit organization, Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA), put forth for the first time in India the need to look at ‘gender issues’ as ‘also men’s issues’ and engage them through a gradual process of humanization and cultural transformation. Amol Kale, a mentor from Yuva Maitri,(project of MAVA), who had volunteered with MAVA since 2009, is working as a full-time coordinator of the project. He has 09 years experience in gender equality fields.

Mr. Amol Kale Guidance about Gender inequality and Gender Sensitization through Group Discussion, Short film, games and PPT. He said, Gender Sensitization is a need of society. Total 40 tudents attended this program.

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2) Mahila Melava

Mhila Melava was organized by the college in the collaboration with “Navnirmiti Sansth” and Women cell . on the occasion birth anniversary day of Kranti jyoti Savitribai Phule on 25 January 2018. In this programme, 30 women had been felicitated who are work as house worker, SHG Member etc. The objective of this programme is to empower women in holistic manner. The resource person of this programme is Namita Tai Ghuge (PSI) dhule, Prof. Shobha Shinde, Sanjeevani shisodiya, Justice Jahir sheikh, Anil Kute (Lwo). Ad. Sarangitai Gujrati etc. MSW-Ist year students take initiative for this program.

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Inaugration : Chief Guest Namita Tai Ghuge (PSI) dhule,Prof. Shobha Shinde, Sanjeevani shisodiya

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Street play

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Womens of unorganized sector present in Mahila Medava

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3) Workshop on “The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act” :

The problem of sexual harassment in work place is increasingly coming out of the closet. Sexual harassment occurs in the workplace due to unwelcome, unwanted, uninvited, action or behavior of a person that causes discomfort, humiliation, offence or distress to the other. Sexual harassment at a workplace is unwelcome behavior as it affects not only the terms conditions of employment but also have huge bearing on the working environment of an organization. Sexual harassment in general and sexual harassment at workplace in particular is the hard reality which is faced by working girls and women in day to day life. College organised workshop on “The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redresser) Act”, on 09 Feb. 2018

As many as 1,971 cases of sexual harassment of women at workplace were registered in four years until 12 December 2017, or one case every day, according to this reply to the LokSabha (Lower House of Parliament) on 15 December, 2017. Cases reported increased by 45 percent from 371 in 2014 to 539 in 2017.

Resource person of this programme was Dr.D.J.Ghongade and Chairperson was Dr.Gavit (V.W.S.College, Dhule).Dr.Dilip Ghongade is assistant Professor in Dr.BabasahebAmbedkar College of Social Work, Morane from last 10 year. He delivered many lecture on women issues.He has completed his Ph.D. in social work .Dr.Pushpa Gavit is a professor and ex. principal of in V.W.S.College, Dhule. She is Ph.D. guide in North Maharashtra University. She is member of many Women related committees. Dr.Dilip Ghongade guided about The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redresser) Act, main provisions of this act with example.

According to sexual harassment laws, complaints are first expected to be addressed by an internal complaints committee.Our college students presented street play on women harassment in work place. Then Chairperson Dr.Pushpa Gavit said, in her concluding programme about sexual harassment Redressal committee work, sexual harassment Redressal committee is must for every working place for women security. 45 students participated in this programme.

Anchoring was done by Jyoti Bahiram & closing ceremony done by Monali Thakre.

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4) 8th March Women’s Day : Voter registration awareness programme For Girls

on the occasion of women’s day voter registration awareness program for girls was conducted at college in 8 march 2018. Prof. Dr. Raghunath Mahajan was the chief guest of programme. In their speech they said; Maximum no’s of women need to come forward in democracy processes. Also who still not registered for voter ID should be done as it quickly as soon as possible.

Principle of DR.Babasaheb Ambedkar collage of social work, prof. Dr. Jalindar adsule , women cell coordinator pro pritee wahane and all teaching staff were presents during the program .


1] “use of sanitary napkin its disposal machine” program :

were conducted by the women cell. Prof Rachana Adsule, prof Nilesh shinde given demonstration of sanitary napkin disposal machine & guided .

2] One day workshop on Women Empowerment :

On 15 sept 2018 one day workshop on Women Empowerment was organized. Mrs. Darshana Pawar was a guest speaker for today’s programme. she provided efficient information to student’s about the gender equality. Gender discrimination is a social stigma which makes Indian society far away from the equality . Open discussion over gender sensitization amongst students were held after which questionnaire session was conducted. Also they raised variety of questions related to women issues, such as a equal pay, freedom of career, right to choice of husband, educational issues etc. discussed. We need to strengthen accountability for gender equality commitments at all levels” how patriotism produce adverse effect on women’s daily life quoted by them.

Chief Guests for inauguration of programme was prof. Gopal Nimbalkar , prof. Dr. Mahajan, prof. Rahul Aher, prof.Dr. Sudam Rathod sir.Total 80 students from the collage were participated for the program. Programmed was organized by the women cell co-ordinator prof. Pritee Wa hane. Anchoring was done by Miss Tejashri Bhamare & closing of function done by the Miss Durga solanki.

image description

Rangoli on women’s issue made by student during programme

3] Programme on Women and Health Issues :

On “women’s health issues” program were organized by the women cell. Mrs. chaudhari mam was a guest speaker who gave effective information on self care about the individual & also care required to take during menstruation period. After which questionnaire session also conducted, prof. priti wahane Co-coordinator of women cell. prof. Dr. Suvarna Barde, prof. sunita patil & students were present during the program & anchoring was done by miss pratibha more .

4] One day workshop on Laws Related to Women :

One day workshop on Laws Related to Women was organized on 21st Aug 2018. Total 50 students from 5 collage’s were participated in Prof.Dr. Faruk shekh had conversation with students. They said such kind of event’s helpful to heard the perspective of female students. How personality development can be achieved. Where women’s are lack beard & how to overcome the various conflicts etc. issues handled. Hon. Speaker a provide enormous information about the various laws related to prevention of crime’s against the women. such as Dowry prohibition act, Domestic violence act, they also speak about the sec- 498 fake cases. Indian women still far away from the justice cause of lake of awareness Also, prevention of sexual assault ( act 292 to 294) child marriage prohibition act( 1987) equal pay act, sexual crimes, Hindu Marriage Act, related information provided. this workshop. Honorable guest for programme Mrs. Shobha Shinde, Prof. Farukh Sheikh. Chief Guest of workshop Prof. Dr.Ragunath Mahajan , Dr. Asha Kale & other professor was present for the programme.

5] 8th March Womens Day : One day Workshop on Gender Sensitization - Theme is “Samtechya Vatene” :

On the occasion of women’s day , women cell organized workshop on gender sensitization. The Women's Cell to create a better just and equitable society through various programmes.. Women empowerment is a burning issue all over the globe. Inequalities between men and women and discrimination against women have also been age-old issues, hence gender equality is a universal phenomenon. In India too, equality of women and their empowerment is one of the key issues for the growth and prosperity of the nation. This workshop was not only helpful in terms of better physiological and psychological health, it also boosted the self-confidence of the girl students. The girl students were given this training to empower them. Following are the events coordinated by the Women's Cell in this session. The cell organised Various programme : Role play. Dance, poems ,song and Fancy dress competition , speech, poster Exhibition for the girl students of the college in which they participated very enthusiastically.MSW Ist class was conduct this programme. The student members of Women Cell participated in programme . The Female teachers and female non teaching staff of the college was guest for these programme.

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Inauguration session

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News Paper Cutting On the programme

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Rangoli made by student for programme


1) Orientation for student :

The Women Cell conducted a orientation programmes for the enrolled Students. Discuss on how to prepare a plan for Cell . An Orientation program plan for various activities for students, The cell & their functioning is organized at the beginning of every academic year for the students .

2) Proframme on Topic of ‘Violence against Women’ :

In Jully 2019, awareness programme was held on the burning topic ‘Violence against Women’ women cell coordinator Pritee Wahane gave a talk on the same. She interacted with the students and discussed various forms of sexual harassment faced by women in learning institution, workplaces, in society and marriages. It was a very fruitful session for the students.

3) Karate Training Programme :

one day karate training program for female students undertaking the women cell and collaboration with Bhagya gaurav foundation, Nashik was organized on dated Total 30 students were present for training program .Inauguration of the program were done by prof. Dr. Sanjiv Pagare & prof. Gopal Nimbalkar .

Mr.Gaurav bagul, a karate expert was the instructor of this workshop. he demonstrated several self-defense techniques. he also taught the girl students punches, kicks and stunts etc and also provided them the knowledge of when and how to affectively use it as a self- defense technique.cell coordinator Pritee wahane was thankful to Principal, Dr. Jalinder Adsule for providing the opportunity. Definite positive changes were observed in the participants. They are more cheerful and emotionally stable. They are now more confident, more aware and more skilled compared to their counterparts.

Prof. Priti Wahane co-ordinator of women cell put special efforts for succession of this event. total 30 Female students were present during the program.

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